70 Mustang front harness build and install – Part 1


This is the first day of the harness fab and install.


An all day affair measuring and laying out the running/ turn signal harness . With a plan for all new wiring up front I  attacked the running / turn signal harness first armed with a bunch of wire and a big bag of tiewraps. Lots of measuring and subharness work. Basically I wanted to isolate the left and right signal systems. It was pretty easy really long one on the passenger side and short one on the driver side. I put bullet connectors at the light pigtails so I can change them out easier if need be. once I had it all layed out logistically then I put it in place kinda, maybe, sorta so I could get to the headlight harness fab. Since they go in the same general directions it was easier this way.

Headlight harness

This next chapter  was just a continuation of the first project. Lots of wire and tiewraps.  After I had it all wired out I was able to wrap it into something that looked like a headlight harness. Then after rummaging thru my box of electrical I realized I did not have any new headlight sockets so I went ahead and finished up sizing it up to the car and made plans to pick up a couple from the store. Yeah, I know, working in a auto parts store does make it too easy some times!

Time to call it a day and a take a well deserved break!


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