Diving under the dash


A nice day to get some wiring work done. I am back under the dash for a logistics venture to make sure all the wiring can get from the panel to where it belongs. Once I bundled all the wires in their groups I mocked them in place with ties. The only real adventure was to find a place for the 3 relay pack. I ended up in a location just to the right of the center section. Close to the switches and still easy to get to. So now with the logistics of the panel and the relays worked out the final hook ups should be pretty straight forward.

Switch Panel #3 – And to make it all nice I fabricated yet another switch panel base. [#3] This time I added a tail on the top and bottom to pick up the dash framework for a much more solid mount. Didn’t come out too shabby, if I must say!

[Squeaky Toy link]


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