Things that go bump at a light


Faye Deans’ PT 3

Faye Deans PT needed some attention so I attacked a reemerging problem of not wanting to shift correctly either up or down. I had this problem over a year back and I replaced the two speed sensors to fix it. I guess it needs to be done again. After getting another set from the store I set about replacing them. Easy to do just a whole bunch of stuff to get out of the way to do it.

The air box has to come out. Then the battery, the battery mount and the brace under the battery mount. Then you can unscrew the old sensors and screw in the new ones. And to make it all better you get to but all the stuff back in. Grabbed my scanner and reset all the codes and it seems to be all better.

While I had the car I was also able to solve the ole “water in the taillight” problem. No biggie just a quick clear out of the housing with some compressed air and some carefully applied silicone sealant and we were good to go.

Not bad for a days work! Faye Dean took the HHR so I had the PT all day. My hands hurt like hell but that’s the price I pay and I can self medicate with some liberally applied Captain Morgan. Taken orally of course! Ah!! I feel better all ready!



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