54 and 70 get some time in!


A nice day to get some work done! Sunny breezy and I decided to do what I could while I had a day and it was nice.

I finished up some pre paint on the interior trim of the 70. The two rear trim panels will get a fresh coat of paint so I did som prep work and primer on them.

The 54 got some attention too. I have been laboring over a grille for the 54 and I forgot that I had a 6 tube stainless steel insert hanging out in the shop. After I recovered it from it’s hiding place I gave it a quick cleanup and assembled it. I must say it will get the job done nicely. So if I can get a couple of small trim issues cleared up I will probably start the reassembly of the front end. Got a small piece that needs to be welded back on to the driver side of the gravel pan that secures the front of the fender. And a fill of some trim holes on the passenger front fender and I should be ready for some primer.

So for now that is all. I am going to take a break, grab some refreshments and cook out tonight to celebrate my progress. So a private “Party on the Patio” again tonight with Faye Dean! Maybe some Pat Metheny to chill out to will be nice.

[Squeaky Toy link]


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