Giving the 70 a warm fuzzy


Had a great day and I got off and it was way nice out so as not to waste it I took advantage of it and got some stuff done on the 70.  Actually all I did today was clean up the floor and put the carpeting back in. Kinda like a warm fuzzy but more like getting laid. Did I say that? Yeah, I guess I did. Put the front foot well section in and then dropped in the rear section which actually covers from under the seats back. Well it does make it a bit more like a car with the carpeting in. I will try to finish off the hard panels and reinstall the rear filler and decking.

That was my afternoon and when Faye Dean came home with dinner in hand that was it for me. A bit of Subway and some homemade applesauce cake finished it off just fine! Some Stevie Ray Vaughn on the stereo to background it all. So that’s all for today folks!

I will take the rest of the evening to work some more on my new web app for my website. Learning some jQuery mobile, Dreamweaver and web design for mobile devices. Trying to stay up with all this stuff is making my head hurt!

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One thought on “Giving the 70 a warm fuzzy

  1. you can buy a new belt to try that but if that’s not the problem the door might be a ltitle heavy i am not sure how they work i think its like pulley system. or you can buy some belt dressing at any auto parts store or any auto parts department at walmart or similar department stores. its in a spray can like spray paint and you just spray it on the belt. you can put it on while the door is in motion to get all of the belt or just spray in on there. there is an method i know some old timer mechanics use and thats get some ivory bar soap and with the belt moving let it rub across the belt side that touches the drive pulleys.


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