Some sticky progress on the 70


Garage apron with both Mustangs

I had another nice day to work with so I took advantage of it. I decided to put some of the basic interior components back in. I put the rear left and right trim panels in. No problem I may have to take them out later for paint but for now we are good. The rear decking went in nicely. Then I decided to attack the carpeting. And in order to do that I had to pull up the automatic shifter bezel. So I pulled up the bezel for the floor shifter .

First surprise was a whole bunch of sticky black stuff all over my fingers after I released the T handle and pulled the bezel over the top. A bit of discovery revealed that the black rubber skirting that was used to seal the shifter opening had just reverted back to a black putty like blob. All that was left was the steel skeleton. And it was all over the lower shifter mech. I took the shifter bezel apart and cleaned it and then went after the lower mech. A bit arduous and tedious but doable. I must say that it probably hasn’t been that clean in a while so I guess it was a good thing. The only discovery was that the shifter handle seems to have way too much play left and right so I will have to do some research as too how to fix that. Might be an easy fix or a whole new unit.

If it is the unit I may just put in a ratchet shifter. But that is still to be determined. So right now I am still putting in the interior. Another day and more progress sorta. It’s always something.

70 Mustang
Squeaky Toy Page


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