Wiring the new switch panel


Garage vapron with both Mustangs

A great day out in the shop. Got a whole bunch of stuff done. I laid out the new wiring for the lights and wipers. I had already built the new harness for the wiper unit. I also figured out the coding for the turn signal switch. I will use the factory setup in the column for looks. That I can still get locally too.

The major project was a new control panel. I decided to mount it where the old center AC vent was. First I mocked up the locations for the 4 component switches, the heater blower hi/low toggle, the wiper hi/low toggle, a new headlight switch and the ignition switch, on a piece of lightweight stock. Then I transferred that layout to a heavier gauge aluminum panel. To keep it looking like the rest of the dash I added a black PVC overlay. A bit of prewiring and we were well on our way. Then I attacked the issue of the 3 section relay pack for the hi/low beam headlights and the horn. Since the switches were all centrally located on the panel I decided to saddle the relay pack right behind it. Easy to get to and the wiring is close.

Gotta break for now to go make some money to pay the bills. So stay tuned and I will keep you updated. Pics to come.

70 Mustang
Squeaky Toy Page


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