Just reach in and grab it! Wait! please don’t!


For Real?

Maybe this should be a page and it may be here shortly. But for now I will make it a post.

Ladies! I have a real problem with anything, be it money or phone, that you just pulled out of your bra!

In my day to day dealings in retail it is getting to be almost a daily occurrence that I have a female customer pull either her phone or her money out of her bra. And then they have the audacity to hand me the money like it’s an ordinary occurrence. WTF!? And I have even had them pull the phone out of their bra and hand the phone to me so I could talk to whoever.  ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

When I respectfully decline they look at me in amazement! I am sure that if I were to pull my “wallet” from my own private region it would probably involve a police report. But since it is their bra I guess it is supposed to be OK. As far as I am concerned it is absolutely NOT OK with me! In reality it is genuinely disgusting!

While the included pic shows a really well designed unit with the “pockets” on the out side, and knowing what little I do about the “normal” construction of a bra, it would not be a stretch of the common sense conclusion that a vast majority of the women are wearing the more conventional “pocketless” version. If you get my drift?! You can figure it out from there.

And if this is the ordinary place to carry it during the day my next question that comes to mind  is ‘Where exactly do they keep it while they are swimming?” Just thinking out loud here folks!

I am sure there is a reason that they have to do this, I am not even going to try and guess what the rational is, but …. it is really pretty disgusting to me that they would so nonchalantly reach in and then hand it to someone, me, and act like nothing is out of the ordinary!

The next time I will probably react the same as I always do and respectfully decline to use the phone that is offered. And if confronted I will be more than happy to enlighten them that that is not a good deal. The money, unfortunately, I kinda can’t refuse but will prompt a quick trip to the lav to wash my hands.

Am I the only one with this phobia? I hope not! BzeroB


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