Hey Buddy! Wire this!


Man! These things go everywhere!

Doing a total rewire – New wiring harness

Just like I have said before one project usually leads to another. Well, here we go again! During the down time for the floor pans I had aquired an MSD 6A box and planned to plant it in the system when the time came. The time came to put it in the car and I found a nice spot for it, right next to the Accel Super Coil. No biggie. Then I wired the box in to the wire system and fabricated some clips to get the coil wire and MSD wires to the distributor without interfering with each other. Cool!

Then I needed to tie in to the main wire harness for power…well, that’s when it was obvious that we may need to fenagle some wiring. Compounding this part of the project was a set of 3 relays, slated for the headlights and horn, which were initially landing next to the MSD box. After a quick rummage through the wire system it was becoming more and more obvious that the aged harness was not up to the task. A snap judgement was made to 86 the one in the car in favor of a new harness.

Some quick web surfing got me a line on an E12 – 12 Circuit Basic Universal Power Wiring Harness from EZ2Wire made by Northwest Autowire, that would fit the bill and was in my price range so I ordered it. [ And, by the way, it is Made In The USA! ] A few days later it showed up and I now have it out and ready to go in to the Mustang.

While I had some free time and a nice day off I decided to tackle some of the wiring. With the harness strung out I was able to regroup the wires the way I would need them. Most of them are right in the dash area. And at the same time I decided to put the relay pack right behind the control panel and make the wiring for the relays way shorter and protected by being inside the cabin. That would leave only a couple of main wires heading out into he engine compartment. Not counting ther gauge feeds but the primary power feeds. After building a 4 wire feed for the horn, hi/lo headlights and sport lights I will still have to do a feed for the oil and water gauges. another easy 2 wire harness. The next project will be the interface for the running and turn signals front and back and the neutral start switch. Things to do!

More info on Squeaky Toy is available with the button below. Head over to my site for more info on this project.

70 Mustang
Squeaky Toy Page


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