Let the electrical mayhem begin!


The new wiring harness has arrived!

The mystical box that appeared on my porch yesterday was my new wire harness for the 70. If you remember the earlier post I made a decision to dump the original wiring harness in Faye Deans 70 Mustang in favor of some new wiring. Well, it is here so I can get to the rewire of the car.

The 12 circuit harness was ordered from EZ2Wire and should fit my needs nicely. I have already done some sub-harness work for the front end [headlight, turn, horn, marker …] and I will finish up with a matching rear sub-harness [Taillights, turn, license…]

After saying that I will have to say I have a few other pressing issues so it may not be for a few days. But I am ready to make this happen. I have another wiring project for the 54 and it will be next in line. The target for the 70 is to be up and running for the Gratiot Cruise on June 16. That’s the plan. We shall see!

More info on Squeaky Toy is available with the button below. Head over to my site for more info on this project.

70 Mustang
Squeaky Toy Page


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