70 – Another productive day

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang coupe

A nice day today and I decided to make it work for me. I got a whole bunch done in the shop today. Electrical work has progressed on the 70. Still waiting on the new harness to arrive so I decided t continue with the other sub harnesses and stuff. I did up a new wire harness for the wipers and spent most of the afternoon fabricating a set of clips for the hood lip molding. The hood lip molding is usually held in by 6 little spring loaded clips . The problem is that these factory style clips are lame at best and the little spring loaded finger rusts out and the trim doesn’t sit right and can even fall off. I fabricated a set of flat stock aluminum inserts with threaded centers to hold it a whole bunch better.  Took a bit of time to fit them but it holds on a lot better now.

So with that done I decided to take a break and just chill on the patio and contemplate what to make for dinner. Listen to a bit of ZZ Top! And sip on a Capn and cola. No decisions yet! Faye Dean may have her own choices we shall see.


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