Mustang Alley, Ferndale Dream Cruise and The Woodward Dream Cruise


I’m ready to go! Where you gonna be?

It is that time again! Faye and I got or registration emails from the organizers of Mustang Alley. Ford Motor Company and Motor City Terminators have done  a spectacular job in past years and I will be there again. And this primary event is only a few blocks from my house it makes for a great way to end an exhausting week of cruisin, partying and hangin out on Woodward for the week long gearhead fest. And that is my vacation!

For those of you that are interested here are the links. You can check them out and you may recognize the landmarks from my pictures. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! Literally!

Ferndale Dream Cruise banner

Ferndale Dream Cruise Aug 16,17,18

This Ferndale event has been a blast every year , I love it!

Mustang Alley 2012 banner

Mustang Alley Event Aug16,17,18

I have been in Mustang Alley since it began and being surrounded by over 500 Mustangs from all over the world is way cool!

Woodward Dream Cruise 2012 logo

Woodward Dream Cruise August 18

This is the grandaddy of all cruises. A week of just cruisin and hangin out! Over a million spectators and in excess of 40,000 cruisers makes for a helluva party. Ya gotta see it to believe it. Note that the major sponsor of the cruise is Chevrolet and the Mustang Alley is sponsored by Ford. Every one is here, not to forget our “Imported from Detroit” entourage Chrysler.


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