Hammered on the Patio


Another wickedly nice day out. The morning was spent with Faye Dean out and about. A great lunch at a local eatery that we haven’t been to in a while and an afternoon working on the 70. And after some “quality” time spent trying to get some wiring situated in the 70 I believe I am going to just re harness the car. Too much stuff changing and the 70 harness is just to decrepit for the updates. It looks like a Speedway Rat rod harness is the ticket.

With all that out of the way we had a great cookout with boneless pork chops, corn and homemade potato salad. And then with the stereo cranked I just decided to lay back and enjoy! A liberal dose of Rum and some Jethro Tull and we have the makings of a great smooth evening on the patio.

So for now we are way kool! Enjoy and have a great day!


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