Busy time in the Garage


Actually outside the Garage but close enough!

Had a good day of “workin on stuff” yesterday. Weather was great and I was in good shape so I got a bunch done.

Garage apron with both Mustangs

The 70 project was a wiring job to plant the MSD box and wire it in to the harness. And as usual I am a peckerwood when it comes to wiring so I made the harness plug-able to allow for a workaround if it were to fail. Got it all situated with the exception of the primary power and grounding. The wiring to the Pertronix is actually a sanctioned setup so it is documented. Way Kool!

Accel coil and MSD6 box

So for now the wiring on the ignition side is good to go and I fabbed up a set of three spreaders to route the coil wire and ignition wires along the Monte Carlo bar but on opposite sides for no interference. On to the dashboard redo project the next time around.
Stay Tuned!


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