Another reason to put down the phone thingy


The same reason that I won’t own a smart phone, or car for that matter! Some people claim to be all hip to the “NEW” gadget world but still don’t get it! They continue on with their goofiness and then get pissed when it comes back to bite them in the ass later. This same info can be gotten from the new smart cars by the way. And you apparently aren’t watching enough TV because that stuff and how they get it is on every cop show on the planet. Fiction follows reality!

Smartphones provide easy evidence for divorce lawyers

The modern cell phone brims with information divorce lawyers and judges are eager to see, such as text messages, photographs, videos, e-mail, Internet browser links, call histories, calendar entries and GPS tracking data.

Add that to the golden triumvirate through which private misbehavior now becomes permanently public — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube postings — and lawyers practicing family law have more electronic means than ever to settle those timeless “he said, she said” arguments with devastating certainty.

An interesting sidebar to this phonomenon is evidenced in a clip on the news last night that expounded on how spring breakers are toning down their extraordinary activities because with the proliferation of media devices, coupled with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, any unusually abnormal behavior can be caught, captured and displayed for the whole world to see. Including friends,family and even college admins and perspective employers.

 So with all that said … Later! Bye for now

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