Great Day and so it begins…


Just relaxin!I Like it!

Great day today! Clear and warm so I decided to get to it early today and start the spring cleanup of the garage. With the 2 Mustangs situated at the end of the drive I started rummaging thru the stuff that has been dormant over the winter months. Sorting it into sections one for the 65, one for the 70 and another for the 54. What it comes down to is weeding out what i am going to use for the projects and what I can swap meet or Craigs list out. Mahn, I got a lot of stuff!

*** That reminds me I need to get the date for the Dearborn Swap. Biggest one in the area.  Remind me later.

Got the K&N air filter out of the HHR for a spring cleaning so it is washed and sitting out to air dry as we speak. Threw in a regular filter so I can get to work. I will finish the oiling and swap out tomorrow.  If the weather is nice I should be able to get some headway on the 70 interior reinstall. I still have to put some risers in but lots of stuff to do besides that.

So for now we are good to go and I do have to work today. Party on the patio later this evening if all works out!


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