Baby gets a new set of shoes


Raceline wheels and Thunder unidirectional tires

Go! Granny Go!

Faye Dean’s “baby” got a new set of wheels and tires. After fighting leakage problems with the crap ass chromed 5 spoke factory Chrysler for a year or so I finally got fed up and ditched them for a new set of Raceline wheels and some new tires. My buddies at Belle Tire along with assistance from my nephew, Jason Southwell, who works for them, got me hooked up. They look way cool  and now all the tires match.

Since it was so nice today I took advantage of a slow day bailed out early and put them on. And after a desperately needed spring wash and wax Faye Deans ride is looking good. The pics speak for themselves.

Faye Deans' PT 3

Faye deans' PT 2

Faye Deans' PT 1

faye deans; PT 4

And so Faye Deans’ ride should be better than ever! Go! Granny Go!Now on to the season opener of Party on the patio!


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