Just some notes from the Garage


and the Patio too!

Spring Forward!

This may have more meaning than you may think.Today we move the clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time and to go with it we are in for a week of temps in the 60’s here. Daylight saving time means you have more time to do stuf, right?! Time to cleanup and check out the BBQ grille and break out the patio furniture. A quick tidy up of the patio is probably in order too. Whew! I am tired already!

And I guess after all that is done I will head into the Garage get out the tools and attack the awaiting projects full boogie. Great plan, I will have to see if I can actually do it! I am even putting together a TO DO list on my white board and making the plans.

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang coupe

The 70 needs to be put back together. Hoping to have the 70 done by the first cruise, the Cruisin Gratiot event, on June 16. A new interior and Dash are the big pieces. Some rewiring of the 130 amp 3G alternator and a new MSD box are in the mix.

54 Ford Lowrider Project

The 54 project will head into some continued rewiring and the re-installation of the refurbished dash. The wiring if the alternator and ignition are in that mix too. There is a plan to paint the front fenders and hood if weather permits.

Sooooo …… with that all said we will see where it takes us and time will tell if I actually get this all dome! Stay Tuned! Film at 11!


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