News from the Garage – January edition

Bob's Garage logo

Bob's Garage logo

Well, January is gonzo and we are now into February. We are a month closer to show and cruisin’ season which kicks off the first of May. And the projects never seem to stop but hopefully we /I can get a grip on them in time for some good cruising.

With the floor pan done on the 70 I can finish putting the interior back in and get the dashboard project situated. Fabricating the custom dash is doable and I found a set of gauges that will work out well. Project link

As for the 54 project the dash has been fully reworked and assembled for re installation into the car. All the pieces have been cleaned and repainted if they need it. So that is good to go. I have the harness strung out the way I want it and the task of hooking up all the stuff is next. I completed the relay panel and that will simplify a lot of the front end wiring. Project Link

The 65 is not out of the mix. The planned repaint of the roof is still being planned for spring. We are still wrestling over the color but I am sure whatever color combo we pick will be way cool. The trim for the C pillar is in hand so it is just a matter of getting the weather and shop time to make it happen.

So for now I have a pretty full schedule. All I need now is some warmer weather and we can get this show on the road! Gratiot cruise date is set for June 16 and THE Woodward Dream Cruise is August 18. See you there! More news as we get closer.


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