Winter! Finally here and time to gather my resources


With the REAL cold weather, as opposed to the not so bad weather we had up to now, it is time to organize for the work that needs to be done in the spring. Time for all the indoor stuff. The hard part right now is getting motivated.What I feel like doing is just hibernate. Or play some Gears of War and veg out. Not any real work.

I actually have lots of stuff to do. Since I have the 70 back with solid floor pans I can put it back together so I can  cruise it around this season.  And now that the dash is completed for the 54 I can replant that in the car.  Then I can follow it up with the wiring system. And I may even get around to redoing the roof paint on the 65 but dunno yet. Got the trim pieces just need to orchestrate the paint.

There may even be a PT Cruiser project in the making! Stay tuned!


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