Another web redo!

html5 logo


BzeroB Garage is being reconstructed! Again

Why you ask? Cuz I can!

Well what it is really all about is another level of my web learning being applied to my sites. The next level of web design is the implementation of the new HTML5 and CSS3 stuff. What that means is that it is a wee bit easier to put stuff together and make it happen nicer. Along the way I have decided to throw in some jQuery features and see where that takes me. I have been learning about it as I go and have time so I think I have the hang of it so here we go.

Having a new web host that has some featured software that lets me host my own pics and WordPress blogs will play a big part in this too. So stay tuned and check back to see what it looks like.

See the  Bob’s Garage the test website. Let me know what you think.


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