Warm weather means progress. Sorta Maybe Kinda

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang coupe

Squeaky Toy is back home. Actually it has been here since Dec 27. Today was productive and the 50ish weather was awesome! I did get the dash and brace back in. No problem. Put the seats back in … Problem! When I sat down in the driver seat something didn’t look quite right. So a bit of surveying the area revealed that apparently the new repop seat riser is not the same height as the factory Ford unit. Crap! A quick run to the house and flipping through the catalog revealed that I did have the correct piece installed. I have run into this in the past and it is not that uncommon  Kinda like an inch shorter all the way around. No biggie, now that I know what the logistics are! A set of one inch risers on the driver seat slide rails will solve the problem easily. So it’s off to my steel guy to get some square tubing. Another project for another day.


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