I am Santa Claus!

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang coupe

Squeaky Toy is at the metal doctor

Well I have to tell you right now that my stomach hurts! Why you ask? Because I shipped Faye Deans 70 Mustang off to a friend to have some metal work done. And not having one of my “metal children’ under my control is twisting me up. Weird but true. But I am Santa Claus. And finally finding someone up to the task is really a great holiday present, so to speak. Tony is going to fix it up for me. So with a glass of Captain and Doctor by my side I am here letting you know that I am a bit twisted up right now. But Faye Dean says it will be fixed and I can finish it up for her soon. At least someone is here to calm me down. Between Faye and the Captain I think I will be good to go.

My friends at Big Jim’s Towing came and got the 70 this afternoon and delivered it to the shop. So now it is a wait and see as to when it will be finished so I can get it back. It has been a while finding someone to do the work I need done. Finding someone you can trust and getting good work done at a reasonable price has been a long search. But a business acquaintance is up to the task and is taking it on as I write.

So consider yourself informed and even with the holiday and all I may actually make some headway on this car very soon. Hopefully it will be up and running for Gratiot in May. Woodward Dream Cruise for sure!

Stay tuned for updates! I am both anxious and relieved. Now, on with the festivities! A few more Captains and I will be one jolly MF!

Happy Holiday from Bob’s Garage


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