That’s it! I’m goin’ inside!


Capt Cranky

It’s now official! I am moving indoors!

I have taken down the patio tables and the grille is cleaned and covered. I guess you can call this the “official ” end of the outdoor season. Well, for me at least.  I have moved the cars indoors to sleep for the winter. So that means I can turn my attention to the other projects that I want to get done. And there are bunch I should have gotten done earlier but cruise season got in the way. Faye Dean is pretty tolerant of this so I need to finish these now because I don’t really have a car related excuse. Updating the kitchen floor is at the top of the list. So it’s off to the home improvement store.

I do have a couple of Car Deco projects planned for the off season in the works. One is a wall lamp using a Chevy Caprice rear taillight section.  The other is a multi-level table from a two piece import transmission case. I have all the basic pieces so a bit of creative finagling and they should come together nicely. Stay tuned for the updates  on these two pieces.


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