Combine or Not Combine


Bob's Garage logo

Bob's Garage logo

At this time it looks like my patience has ended with, my free host provider, worked out for a while nicely but since a hardware crash that took months to fix, and since i was “fixed” add on a total lack of live support to get back on, I will be moving hosts. No biggie. Just trying to get a solid base for my websites. You may or may not have noticed that I have already altered the website to include a mobile front end that leads into my Bob’s Garage website. I have also integrated my Galleries and Car Deco sections into the Bob’s Garage site. Still 3 modules but all rolled into one. Not 3 seperate entities. Much more managable.

At this time I am also considering merging my two blogs. For ease of maintenance. I have kept the garage and the personal blogs separate but since they aren’t busy I will probably sqoosh them together soonish. No biggie but just consider yourself informed. Voices from the Garage and Rants and Raves will become just Voices from the Garage.


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