Not another site redo! Yep! Another site redo


The New, New

Bob's Garage logo

Bob's Garage logo

Well I decided it was time to learn some new stuff and come into the newer world of mobile devices with my websites. Now, I didn’t go so far as to get a dot mobi site but I did design a new landing site that would let me be seen on tablets and phones a lot nicer. All this technology is flying by faster than you can reach out and grab it! So after a bit of rummaging around on the web I came up with some structures that I could work with and the new Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5 is actually geared toward mobile web design so that is where it all went. I am a big DW fan.

With that being said I also decided that for a variety of reasons to at the same time consolidate the and the Bob’s Garage sites into one more manageable entity … BzeroB’s Garage! Gee, that was easy! So the kluge has begun and this is where we are at. Apparently some of my structure choices aren’t universally accepted but for me they get the job done. As usual things evolve as problems are discovered and “fixes” are invoked. And we all know how that usually works out! So duck and let me know what you find. Enjoy!

And I also incorporated a GALLERY section into this mix for my pics and videos. I am still working on the structure of that element so bear with me if some of the gallery features don’t exactly work right. So far, so good.

Check it out and see if it works for you. Phones and tablets are where i am most concerned, I am not rel good at the mobi stuff… yet!

The New, New site


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