Real wives missing after car repo


For all you folks out there in TV land. What in the heck is it with these “new” shows popping up. New? Don’t think so! I am really not interested in another repo show! Not like OP Repo wasn’t enough. Can you say staged? I don’t give a crap if you can lick a reptile or live in a swamp! It is pretty much a bunch of fat ass rednecks with a legal license to steal stuff. Call it what you want that pretty much says it all. And is it just me or are most of the major players in these programs just a few pounds over the legal limit for their height? And their job is for the most part sitting and driving. Apparently none are sponsored by Jenny Craig!

And while it appears we are fascinated with the family lives of has beens, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that Gene Simmons family is just as dysfunctional as most of ours, I really am not interested in seeing that money doesn’t stop the insanity it just takes it to a different level. And I may hit someone if i see one more “Real Wives of [fill in the blank]!
Just my own opinion and observation, but… these are NOT real anythings! Just another bunch of whiney cranky bitches dressed up in spikes and stretch pants from another city bitching about their latte being too cold instead of being the flannel PJ’s, funky 10 year old slippers and huge mug of coffee sweeties like the real wives from next door. They are not anywhere near being “REAL”. And I want to see their stuff why?….Do you recognize any of these twits? I don’t!

I don’t! And the only thing that would be at least a bit entertaining would be if the REAL wives frickin Porsche got repo’d by Swamp Lizard Repo! Now that would be entertaining! Am I tired of all these clones? Yepper! And when the “new” CSI Davenpot Iowa comes out I will probably shoot the TV!

just a cranky old man with a worn out remote control who wants to watch some good old fashioned mayhem and destruction! Now what channel has the REAL midget wrestling! [Sorry,Hulk!]


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