I’m too busy for that


In these current days and times it is, in my humble opinion, becoming more and more apparent to me that big business in general is devolving back into the age old standards of upper management that is just too damn busy to have any concern for your silly issues.

Some of my own experiences recently have cast a grand disillusion with corporate managements perpetual chant that our people are important. The old standby belief that the workers are just peons and that management can pretty much say anything without regard for being held accountable in some way is becoming well documented and well founded. Especially if you are an underling a couple of tiers below. It’s sad to say that these circumstances really make for a air of gross mistrust in upper management who are supposed to be the “Go To” people in the chain of command. If I can’t get a response why would I even bother to communicate with them? They don’t care. I’m not talking about the immediate managers you deal with daily but the second and third tier above who are rarely seen or heard from unless there is a problem. There is a constant droning banter from above about how they are always available to hear our input and that that communication is a critical element of the business. Whatever! You hear it at every meeting, in all the major communiques and in face to face meetings “Send it to me in an email” or “Call me and we will discuss it” is the usual chatter. If you are going to vocalize that then why the heck is it not being followed up on in our day to day dealings? I don’t see it happening at my end. Actually just the opposite. No response in any way, shape or form. And when this same scenario is played out against outside communications with other corporate entities it really makes you wonder just what the heck is going on. Plus, it makes me look like a smuck to the people I told to contact them! I definitely don’t take kindly to that. Folks! It’s not that complicated. I am sure all your Facebook responses are made every day. Just sayin.

In this age of technology that is supposed to make our lives so much more productive, whether you follow through responding to requests or inquiries, after promising to do so, speaks directly to individual business integrity and personal values. Cell phones, tablets and laptops are the weapons of choice. And sometimes you have to take the extra time to do these away from the office/workplace. Sometimes you do have to take it home with you. But that is the nature of the beast, and it speaks directly to your credibility and diligence when you take that time to follow though on YOUR promise. And when it is in a public forum and involves other parties to the conversation, it really destroys your belief in upper managements credibility and their genuine concern for your input when you get nothing in return. And when it involves inter-corporate communications no response totally kills our/your credibility. Having been at the top of that chain and having been in that position myself, it was paramount to me that I had to be believable. Maybe that ethic has been bred out of the management equation. Maybe they are just too damn busy to follow up! I sure hope not!

I guess I will end this rant with this… Gotta go check on my Facebook. Bye


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