Pre Woodward Dream Cruise – Monday Nit Pick Update


This is just another pre-Woodward Dream Cruise nit-pickin update. I am on vaca this week just so I can cruise. And I can spend all day doing silly stuff and waste time till evening cruise time. Ain’t a vaca fun!!

Part 1 – 4 running horses

4 running horses

4 running horses

I believe that I had posted earlier, a weekish ago, that I had acquired a couple of new horses at the Ford swap to go in my grille on the 65. Well I did get them in. And I ended up just using one of them … soooo… now I have 4 horses, 1 big and 3 smaller, going across the grille. Took a bit of finagling to get it to look right but I got it the way I like it. And I got around to getting a pic of the new setup to give you an updated view. Here you are. And it really looks cool with the blue LED backlighting but that pic will have to come later tonight. Stay tuned!

Part 2 -Flamed mirror trim

Flamed mirror trim

Flamed mirror trim

The next bit of “did you really have to do that?” is the addition of a flamed mirror surround. Here’s the poop. I purchased a couple of novelty mirrors, one flamed and one skulls, intending to do a simple swapout in the 65 with the flamed one. Problem #1 was that it was not a day/night and #2 it was a glass mount. So after a bit of discovery (read that disassembly) and a quick compare and eyeball, it was deemed possible to, with a bit of modification to the trim ring, simply fit the flamed bezel onto my stock day/night mirror. some quick dremel work at the appropriate spots and …Voila Flamed day/night mirror! A couple of strategically placed 3M trim tape and we are good to go.

Part 3 – The Musicbox

The musicbox ready to cruise

The musicbox ready to cruise

Not really anything new just a visual update of the musicbox in it’s spot for cruisin in the 65. Simply set in the back seat and set for crankin out the tunes to make the cruisin more fun. Some Roy Orbison, Righteous Brothers or Beach Boys seems to be just right. Set out with the portable power pak and it makes watching alot more fun. I have had lots of interest in it since I introduced it last season and have used it at a variety of cruises and shows. Having a 100 Watt stereo to go is a way kool piece. I actually have to keep an eye on it when I am out because it does draw some attention.


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