Quieting one horse and adding another


65 Mustang Coupe

Today was kind of a productive day. After I got my chores done (mowing and edging the lawn) I decided to take care of a small project on the 65. The project was replacing the exhaust manifold gasket. No biggie. Just a simple exercise to see if I can get it done without breaking off any of the bolts or studs. I passed! I have had the gasket for a few days and was going to get around to it eventually. With the Woodward Dream Cruise coming in the next couple of weeks I decided to go ahead and quiet it down for a more presentable demeanor.

And since I was already in a fixer upper kinda mood …. I continued on to a strictly cosmetic project. That of adding a 4th chrome horse to the running herd going across the grille. I picked up a couple of new ones at the swap last week at Mustang Memories just for this purpose. The backer bracket was easily fabricated. Once again no big whoop but it took a bit of artistic adjusting and finagling to get it placed the way I liked it. But I am happy with it now. Most people could care less but I do so that’s all that counts. Right?! Right!

I will put up a pic or two of the new grille if I can soonish.