The other side of the counter – Part III


Every day I get home from work my level of annoyance at a variety of patrons on the other side of the retail counter gets elevated. All I can do is grin and shake my head. More specifically, this series of rants is about a wide range of these goofies. I have selected a few of the prevalent ones that come to mind easily. First, all the “wanna be” and “old school” mechanics. Second, the “this-auta-work” mechanics. And last for now, the “parts emissary”.

The Parts Emissary

What the heck is a “Parts Emissary” you ask? We deal with them all the time. Basically, it is usually a woman coming in to get the parts that her significant other or “mechanic” told her to pick up. It can be a very trying memory quiz or even a written list. Most of the time after the initial request a simple responding question such as “does it have disc or drum brakes” throws the whole conversation into chaos. And this usually progresses into a couple of pet peeves that I have. Before I go to these let me just say this… Have him call ahead! Or have him come get the parts. It will make everyone’s life a whole lot easier. I am tired of having to go through a complete quiz show about what kind of car is it, which motor / trans does it have in it or what kind of brakes does it have. many end up with the” I don’t know. Can’t you tell?” Folks! Most of the time it is YOUR car! Find out the basic info on it and, for goodness sakes, write it down!

Now we come to the first of two major pet peeve that gets me wound up. One leads into the other so bear with me here.

First – I know technology is a wonderful thing but if you have to dial your mechanic to get the info why in the heck couldn’t he just call me outright? Then we get to talk, get the RIGHT info and get on with it. An alternative version of this is the phone in by the emissary. Once again usually the woman, who is clueless, asking for parts only to have it evolve into the same question and answer session. And the part that grinds me to no end is that more times than not she pauses and yells to the fixer person for the answer! I can hear them in the background, JUST HAND HIM THE FRICKIN PHONE! I don’t need you to be in the middle of this. This event leads us into the second of my pet peeves.

Second – I will only say this once… men and women equally applied here, I Do NOT want to talk to your mechanic on your phone! First off if I am on the phone with him why couldn’t he call me in the first place?Secondly while I am not a paranoid person by nature but I don’t really want to talk on your phone! I have no clue where it has been and if you sneezed on it recently! And ladies if you pull your phone out of your bra area, and this goes for money too, I am not really enchanted with grabbing it and holding it anywhere near me! Yeah! that is personal! I don’t know about you but WTF?!

Anyone else got these kind of issues, cause I do and it is an everyday occurrence for me at least. Well … that about does it for now. I said now! I am sure I will come up with something else hear shortly that I forgot to mention. Just one cranky old guy spouting off. Thanx! Come again!


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