Mid Summer Cruise Update – Almost Woodward Dream Cruise Time!


Bob and The Blue Flame

So far this year we have had some awesome days for the big cruises. Gratiot and Downriver turned out great. Both of those were hosted by my Advance Auto associates and their stores. Michigan Ave and Telegraph were also a treat. Good times and great cruise buddies make it all better than most. The musicbox has been a great hit at every cruise and makes the day go a bit nicer. Tunes to watch cars by! Don’t remember the Musicbox project? Well, you can get a refresher here. We have one more cruise next week, The North Gratiot cruise and then we are down to the big Daddy of all cruises.

I will be at one more show, next Sunday is the annual Mustang Memories show at Ford World HQ in Dearborn. Even though I am not a fan of MOCSEM the special attraction is that it will also be the Boss Reunion national gathering. I wanna see this. The national collection of everything Boss Mustang from then to now. I will be there.

With the Woodward Dream Cruise around the corner on August 20 I have been trying to tidy up a bunch of small issues on the 65 to make it ready. Haven’t gotten to NPD for the C pillar trim so we can reshoot the roof and have yet to mount the new rocker trim, but I did get the wiring for the radio and cigar lighter finalized so I don’t have to replug to pick my power source. A simple Y cable got the job done. Don’t know if I will get the undercar neon installed in time for the cruise but you never know.

Stay tuned! Film at 11!


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