It’s a shifty business


65 Mustang Coupe

Spent the morning rebuilding the shifter in the 65. I started out on a quick mission to replace the damaged boot. But when I got the old boot off I was able to take a good look at the shifter mech. It had been feeling a bit “mooshy”.When I took it apart what a mess! All the rubber bushings had turned to a black putty. Not recognizable as rubber bushings at all. A quick grab for the rebuild kit I had and I went at it. Not hard at all. The hard part was getting all the black goo from the trunnion. 4 rubber bushings and a pair of aluminum buttons and that’s it. Cleaned the bolts up and reinstalled with a dab of lithium on the aluminum glides. Got the boot situated and we are in there!
Now lets go cruise!