Finally getting to it! It’s brake time


65 Mustang Coupe

Finally got around to getting after the brakes on the 65. No big job just a refresh of the brake system. The front ones were getting a bit cranky so new wheel cylinders and a fresh load of fluid and we should be in good shape for the season. Fronts are done the backs are next. Weather and hands permitting I should get it done this week…ish.
Some other things in the wind are a redo of the top of the car. Did a fair job on it many years back but it is showing its age and faded pretty bad. To keep from redoing the whole car I am going to have the top re shot and use a set of C pillar trims meant for the vinyl roof as separators. Leaning toward an off white or steel gray color as a two tone setup.
New rocker panel trim is also slated to go on. Some time before Dream Cruise.