Steel pretzel anyone?


54 Ford Lowrider Project

I just spent a couple of hours this morning in the shop fabricating a new fuel feed from the fuel pump to the carb of the 54. And as usual I was dead on , again, by getting a much longer line than I needed because there is always the possibility of turning the piece into a very nice misshapen pretzel. And to be consistent I did just that on the first pass. After starting anew I did it OK on the second attempt. Came out nice actually. I do need to fab a support bracket for the mid point.
The next auto plumbing chapter will be the long lines for brake and fuel heading to the rear. I will be fabricating these myself and it may get interesting working upside down under the car. But definitely doable.
One thing I have noticed in the last couple of months in this project is that I have been able to get a lot of the basic needs done out of my military style parts bins that have been collected and sorted over the years.Lots of scavenged brass inserts and fittings, many types of automotive nuts, bolts, washers and lock nuts, salvaged electrical knick knacks and the like. The hard part is locating them in my goodie bins. But diligence pays off and I usually find them. I am proud of myself for being a auto scrounge! This Rat Rod thing is a real picker upper from a project standpoint. Use what ya got. Most of it I do have, just got to find it.
And my son, Steve, told me after attending the Billetproof show to quit being so nit pickey about the details and get to it! It’s already better than some out there. OK! OK! I’m working on it! Geez!


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