Got alot done! Time to take a break


Bob's Garage logoThis is a quick catch up note from the Garage. Two and a half days of work and my hands actually holding out and the weather being nice let me get tons of work done. I am scaring myself but am still going at it.
In the last couple of days here is what we have –

  • Timing cover, water pump and fuel pump on
  • SkyDome speedometer unit stripped, rebuilt and repainted. New wiring and lamps installed
  • MagiAire heater panel disassembled, cleaned and reassembled
  • Dash gauge panel installed and pre-wired
  • Dash totally removed, stripped down, cleaned up. Scuffed primed and painted whole dash and its parts.
  • Dash reassembled with gauge panel. New wiring common box installed.
  • Heater box units, inner and outer, refurbished and all the firewall mount holes updated to rivet nut threaded inserts and reassembled with new seals and hardware

This is a pile of work and I really am in good shape despite all the mechanical work. Hurray for Advil and Captain Morgan! Advil in the AM and Captain Morgan in the PM.
With the dash out of the car it is making the prep work for the wiring a whole bunch easier. basically looking right at the firewall and kick panel areas. I guess I should have done it a lot earlier and saved a wee bit of pain and agony from contorting under the dash.
All the nifty details will be up over at Bob’s Garage Pair-A-Dice project as soon as I can get them updated. For now take my word for it.
Till next time