Made in Detroit circa 1985


It appears that Chrysler’s claim to the tag line ” Imported from Detroit’ may have been easily trumped by an ad from 1985 by some Bay area Cadillac dealers! Found this on Jalopnik.What the heck makes Chrysler so special that they can claim sole ownership of that tag line? It appears that the ad gurus have just recycled an old line. The line has actually been used many times over the years by numerous auto company’s in the US to compete with the numerous off shore competitors.

Sooo….. this is a claim by a company that is partially funded by money “Imported From Italy!” What the hey? It appears that Chrysler may want to pay more attention to building “World Class Cars” and less time bothering ordinary citizens making T shirts.

Now if they do market some cloned Fiat based cars do you think they will claim “Imported from Italy” in their advertising? I dare to say probably not!


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