Simply Dashing! New gauges in the 54


Fuel level and water temp gauge retrofit

Factory gauge panel

Factory gauge panel

The factory gauge panel is fairly simple and has all the necessary info in front of you. When it came time to clean up the unit for reinstallation a cursory look revealed that once the factory 6 volt elements were removed that the mount holes were damn close to a standard 2 inch gauge size. The panel came apart easily and after a quick cleanup I was able to take a closer look at the frame unit. A quick check of the holes that the original gauge units came out of revealed that they were almost dead on the 2 inch aftermarket gauge size. I said almost. With some simple and quick Dremel work the aftermarket units fit in each location snugly.

Updated gauges

Updated gauges

Now that the gauges fit the frame I had one other issue to deal with. The aftermarket gauges come with chrome bezels and glass faces. The dash panel also has a glass face and bezel. To make it all fit in nicely I had to eliminate the bezel and glass faceplates on the two gauges. No biggie really. A quick careful buzz with the Dremel around the outer collar of the chrome bezel, where it is crimped over, and it literally fell away. With that done I simply set the defaced units back into the fitted frame and after some quick depth adjusting I reassembled the panel. And everything was where it belonged in the windows and readable.

See the whole thing at Bob’s Garage


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