Dodge Durango – New Option – Underhood BBQ setup


These guys at the NEW Chrysler are really on a roll! It appears that the Chrysler engineers are going all out to feature up their vehicles including the all NEW Dodge Durango. And it turns out to be a two year project to create some totally new and innovative add ons.
This particular new feature – the under hood BBQ – was premiered by using a local dealer supplied loaner to pull a float in a DC parade. On one of the many stops during the parade the crowd was treated to an impromptu demo of the newly released feature.

With that demo the crowd, as you can tell from the video, was really not too impressed and really wanted the parade to proceed. [no cheering] So I guess the Chrysler noodles might want to cross this one off the list and try something else. Cause if this is the NEW Chrysler then if you can see through the smoke it’s really the same OLD Chrysler. Just one mans opinion!
Now for the Chrysler twist on this new “feature”

Chrysler spokesman Michael Palese said that the company “is talking with the dealer to arrange an opportunity to inspect this vehicle,” adding that “vehicle fires are often caused by reasons that have nothing to do with the vehicle.”

Quick mental recap of this situation – Let’s see … a 2011 Durango, couple of months old maybe, local dealer supplied the vehicle, could have been a demo car, I am not seeing a whole lot of reasons for excessive wear and tear. Or did I miss the DC terrorist that tossed the Molotov cocktail under the hood. Nothing to do with the vehicle!! Are you serious??!! Now that is a bunch of smoke!
Just one mans opinion! MINE


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