Oh Cool! It’s Time To Trim


Rockin Robin, er Hottie Pink, is on the walls the cloud line has been lined up so now we get to trim the room. Wait … there is no WE here Lindbergh, just me. So with the casing trim all stacked neatly in the corner, drag out the ole chop saw and I can attack the finish trim. Actually the door casings are easily done. Took about an hour actually. After seeing the trim up it looks now that the doors may need to be redone to look OK with the new color. Man, it is always something ain’t it? Another project on the list.
I can now move on to finishing the window stools I did in ash. I have decided to round the ends and put a round over on the edges. So it will be pretty! Isn’t that sweet of me?! Once that is done I will cut the vertical window casings and skirt trim. The header sections on the two window are going to be over sized in order to carry a valence and the window treatments. Once I figure out just how wide they need to be I will get some stock and have at it.
Now that the door casings are in I can measure for the base moldings and get that stock. Those go in fast because it is all straight cuts.
And I must add that my $40 pawn shop chop saw was a great investment. Now if I can find a nice sanding station I will be ecstatic. Craigs List here I come.
So much for now. Pics when I get the trim in later today maybe. Stay Tuned!

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