Chrysler vs Local T shirt seller – Round 1


Chrysler appears, to me at least, to be continuing on with a media bullying campaign in the Detroit area. And now it has progressed to legal terrorism. This time in the form of a lawsuit against a local 2 person company called Pure Detroit over selling T-shirts that have “Imported from Detroit” printed on them.

The Auburn Hills automaker sued the owners of Pure Detroit on Tuesday, alleging they violated the automaker’s trademarked “Imported from Detroit” tagline by using it on a variety of apparel sold through their shops.
Detroit Free Press

Now, the suit says that they are wrongly using the Chrysler “tag line”. It really makes me wonder what in the world can a small T shirt company do that would possibly have any bearing on a major auto manufacturer. These are the same Chrysler brainiacs that have selected rapper Eminem as their official spokes person. Now there is a thoughtful choice! Of all the iconic personalities from Detroit he is their pick? Puuleeeeze!
Back to the lawsuit. I guess their T shirts with “their” tag line on them are a bad thing? I know that they are directly competing with the “official” Chrysler T shirts that everyone is clamoring to buy from the Chrysler website. Say what?! You didn’t know that they had these? To be perfectly frank I didn’t either. But they do exist. But have you seen one on the street? I haven’t. I don’t think you can even get one with a new car. So in case you do want to know what to look for the next time you are at the mall or sporting event looking at T shirts here they are. Now pay close attention so you don’t get confused here.

Please note that there is no recognizable Chrysler logo in the Chrysler version. My guess is the only place these are seen are inside the Chrysler plants on the production line worn as work clothes by the workers. I know this is the first place I go to check out fashion tees. It makes me curious as to why should Chrysler give major attention, let alone bring a public lawsuit, over a T shirt. This does not look good! Did they just move in to the same realm as Hanes? Are they in the T shirt business now? You would think that it would make a much better play for Chrysler to ask these guys if they wanted to party up with them to get the Chrysler word / tag line out?
Here is the attorney version….

“the issuance of a preliminary injunction will serve the public interest because members of the public likely have been, and will continue to be, confused by Pure Detroit’s use of Chrysler’s mark and related representations.”

I know that I have been confused by the things that I read on T shirts, haven’t you?! Calvin pissing on a auto marquee has persuaded me to change my choice of new vehicles more than once. Are you serious?? Now I need Chrysler to protect me from confusing their tag line with something else….. like what exactly?
And so my good friends we will see what happens her in the continuing saga of the NEW Chrysler trying to convince the world that they have a new attitude! So far I totally agree that they do, only problem from my perspective is, it wants to TELL you to buy one of their cars not because it is better but because THEY told you to!

Now that is the OLD Detroit attitude we all know and love!


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