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R&R Wire Loom kit

R&R Wire Loom kit

In the latest chapter of the new wiring for the 54 Ford Pair-A-Dice project I have been working on all the relay modules for the wiring system. Relays are the only way to go for lots of wiring solutions. My needs are no different. Going to use a bunch of them. One particular section of 4 is for the headlights, horn and cooling fan that will probably end up on the front core support somewhere. While not a really big deal I wanted to mention that I am using some relay modules from a company here in Michigan. I ran across these at a local Dearborn Restorers swap and I must say they are awesome. The cool part about these units is that each unit can be key-stoned to the next unit to create a solid relay module. Clean, simple solid. No more tie wrapping them together. The wiring build is straight forward and each unit can be a 4 or 5 pin base. Simply crimp and snap the terminals into the base. No biggie. I like these units a lot! I will be using these for all the relay needs in this project. Check these guys out if you get a chance.

>>> R&R Wire Looms / Hudsonville, MI / Website Link


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