Painted and Plated


Blasted and Painted I had a friend that was nice enough to blast the intake for me. After he got done clearing away all the bad stuff and returning it to me we needed to put a finish on it. Some basic prep and cleaning was followed by a quick sweep with some engine primer. This got it ready for Cast Blast colored top coat. It came out PRIMO!

The next step in the project was to pattern and fab up an intermediate plate which will block off the EGR porting on the mount pad. This plate will be fabbed from some aluminum flat stock. With a standard 83 base gasket under the adapter plate and a standard Holley base gasket on top and we should be good to go.

Hex plugs, Gaskets and Adapter Plate Armed with a hand full of hex block off plugs I proceeded to fill the various unused holes in the intake. Only the heater feed, vacuum port and water temp sender holes will be left. And to top it off I finally got around to fabricating the adapter / block off plate to disable the EGR feed on the 83 intake carb mount. I used some aluminum flat stock I had in the shop and with the factory lower mount gasket as a pattern, it was just a tedious bit of cutting, filing and drilling to duplicate it. But it cam out fine.

Next on the List A quick operational mock up with the Holley 4337 carb and fab of some brackets for the linkages and spring things to make it work. Lots of threaded locations on the intake to chose from so it should be pretty easy to do. But I will get to it.


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