54 Motor Update


I finally have the primary pieces gathered together and colored to update the front cover area. The timing cover of choice is a 69 unit and the water pump is a left outlet 65 unit. The fuel pump is a 70 Ford F100 unit with an integrated fuel filter. Blasted and painted the timing cover. Cleaned and painted the water pump. Using the late Ford Gray for color and the late valve covers and 55 Ford air cleaner are Industrial gray. I am keeping the engine color pretty calm. I decided to wait on assembling the whole shebang till I can get over to NPD for a new front cover bolt set and some other knick knacks. The cover bolts vary from year to year so I want to get the 65 bolt set so it will be correct to use the early cover and alternator brackets.

The cast iron 86 intake manifold is out to be blasted and will probably be painted basic black. No chrome or aluminum! Trying for stealth mode. We decided to keep the cast intake because [A] the head configuration differences [B] we don’t really need to / want to drop any more weight off the front end and [C] it fits just fine and belongs. No biggie. Some screw plugs and a fabbed plate to disable the EGR channels and we can mount a Holley 4778 two barrel right on.

Still fabbing the brackets to mount the electric fan. Basically just a horizontal strapping assembly for the front pusher mount. I have to find a nice skinny cooler for the trans and get that fabbed in but this will keep me busy for a bit.

Pics to come. Stay tuned!


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