October Update


Or How I managed to take a week off and get nothing done

Been vacating this week and really haven’t gotten much of what I had planned done! But… spent some great time with Faye Dean. Going out on my birthday and a couple other times out during this week. Lots of Captain Morgan and Jethro Tull and outdoor time!

With that said one project that agitated me for a couple of reasons, was mounting, er…planning to mount, some rocker panel mouldings on the 65 to give it a bit of a trim upgrade. I cruised all the way out to Canton and National Parts Depot to get a new set of rocker trim mount clips. I get home and during the setup for the mounting of the trim I discovered that I had managed to ignore the fact that I had two right side units! I must take the blame for this one. I got them at a swap meet and they were bundled by the ends. The packaging hid this fact. And once I laid them out is when I discovered the pair were the same side. They are close but not the same. My bad, no biggie just agitating. Since they were swap meet stuff I have all winter to swap hunt and get another single or pair. Oh well! Got the clips!

Didn’t get any harness wiring or trim done on the 54 like I had planned but it will be there in the morrow. Front fenders are ready to be patched if I get energetic. Have to relevel the 54 suspension since the 351/AOD combo unloaded about 250 pounds off the front end! Now I have a nice tail down California rake, but I want it more even. Have to put smaller blocks in the back. I will install the Airlift add-on kit at the same time.

The 70 dash is farther along but not finished up yet. Switch panel is prototyped and mocked in. Passenger side insert is patterned but the driver side is still to do. Don’t know yet if I can dupe that side for the driver side yet or not. Gotta leave room for gauges and mounts that aren’t on the passenger side. still finagling with it

Small progress and sore hands. But I will take it! Old age sucks BIG TIME! But I will keep at it.

Note – I did manage to get resources for a new lamp! Stay tuned for a Car Deco update! [Hint code name:Satel-LIGHT]


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