Chrysler Drops The Hammer


Mondays announcement that 13 0f the 15 workers caught on camera with alcohol and drugs have been fired. Excellent!

FOX2 Chrysler Firings
FOX2 Detroit workers reaction

And the reactions of most workers is that they did it to themselves. There have been a few that are complaining that the news people are intruding and causing them to “look over their shoulder all the time”. And your point is what? If there isn’t a problem and you are such an arrogant model worker and citizen this should not be a problem. But for a vast majority of people this is no biggie.

City employees, public figures and now factory workers have all been put on notice. The media is everywhere and people and technology make these things more visible than ever. – Video does not take sides. The use of Facebook and texting are also part of the deal. Kwami found that out the hard way. Yep you should beware.

Ain’t technology great! DUNNO!


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