Quit Fondling Your Device and Drive!


Gee! I’m shocked! What are the odds?! Really!?? Well these asshats need to put it away and pay attention to their driving. Make a note … YOU AREN’T THAT IMPORTANT!! Cause if i get winged by one of these goony birds I will be more than glad to flog them with their device of choice! I guess that is if I survive.

THURSDAY, Sept. 23 (HealthDay News) — Distracted driving fatalities caused by cell phone use and texting soared in the space of three years, according to new U.S. government research released Thursday.
Texting alone caused more than 16,000 deaths in car accidents from 2001 to 2007, the researchers estimated. But auto deaths involving cell phones and texting while driving rose 28 percent in just three years, from 4,572 in 2005 to 5,870 in 2008.

Read the article By Steven Reinberg – HealthDay Reporter

I have had a couple of close calls with these asshats and when you finally get their attention they are indignant! WTF! You are the problem ASSHAT! As a long standing hater of phones and comm devices, they are another bothersome item of technology that is a royal pain at home, at work and in the car. And they can follow your every move, Your wife, your kids and your boss. Oh well! I have issues, yes, but I still say “Put it away before you kill somebody, ASSHAT!”

And while we are on the subject of cellular devices…. I really am about fed up with the arrogant over important twits that haven’t got the courtesy to hang the frikin thing up while at a counter. It really cranks me up to have to try to converse over someones dinner plans or kissy face crap! And then we have these god awful techno twits with the “Borg” headsets talking into the air! Are you talkin to me??!! Unplug MF! You are not that important or impressing anyone! You a simple, rude, pain in the butt! So wish we could jam those bozo’s in the area. Kinda like the TV jammers. I get agitated when confronted by them. And I usually am not real subtle about it.
Oh Well! Just another rant from a cranky old guy! ME!!


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