Music Box – Session 2


Session 2

Well the Music box is alive and well with a bit of tuning to do but it is awake and working. Once I got the wiring colors figured out a quick crimp and plumbing wire job got it all attached together. After a bit of thought I decided it would be nice to be able to power it as a stand alone unit like a boom box. And the obvious answer was a re-purposed PC power supply. Plugs in to house power and can easily provide 12VDC. So a quick dig through my PC graveyard netted a derelict power supply. After opening it up and trimming it down to do the 12 volt thing only I hooked it to the Pioneer head and “It’s Alive!”. A pattern was made and an appropriate opening was carved into the end of the case. Four attaching screws and here you go.

As for powering the box in the vehicles a vanilla power port (formerly known as a cigar lighter!) adapter will feed it nicely. A couple of banana clips on a coil cord and we are good. So now it can work in the cars and on a house cord. Now we just need to work out a nice antenna solution for using the radio and we will be pretty much done.


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