That’s just a suitcase with a stereo in it!


After seeing an article on a way cool self contained stereo system built from salvaged junkyard auto parts I had a small brain storm that, in my humble opinion, would solve a long standing issue of putting stereo systems in all of my collector cars. With the original plan of putting one in each vehicle it hit me… why not build a portable unit? Complete with CD and speakers that will simply plug up to each vehicles power system and just take the unit with me in each car as I need it rather than investing in multiple stereo systems, speakers and all of the associated wiring.

I just so happened to have a gifted Pioneer 200 watt head unit with CD and a couple of sets of Sony Xplode speakers in the shop stash. And the only search was for an appropriate case for the whole bundle. I happened to have a sweet polished aluminum case lurking in the corner which normally held my emergency stuff with fire extinguisher and first aid kit. A quick sizing up and I decided to repurpose the case into a music box.

Session 1

The first slice was to cut out the window for the 1 DIN slide in mount for the head unit. I decided to mount it in the side so the unit face would be directly accessable if it was sitting in the passenger seat. Quick measure and cut, and the slide in cradle was fitted. A small L bracket was fabbed and drilled to support the tail of the head unit. Next I cut the holes for the speakers in the lid. Simple circle template and sliced out the round areas. A quick edge cleanup and a test fit gave up the positions for the speaker mount screws and those were drilled and fitted. Something I didn’t have any of was a set of grille shells to cover / protect the speakers so I decided to fab a simple shield to go over the speakers. A piece of smoked plexi was trimmed to size, edged and drilled for (6) 1 inch standoffs. A few minutes of rummaging around in my hardware bins netted all the hardware I needed to mount it all.

Session 2 – Wiring Stay Tuned!


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