Hey! Where’s my music!


65 Mustang Coupe

Apparently in yesterdays episode I, Captain Whizz Bang, installed a radio in the 65 and got it all up and running in pretty short order. I was really proud of the work I had done and that it was all working just fine and dandy. Even showed it off!

Come cruise time today I headed out to the cruise and I decided to give the ole radio a spin too. Click…nothing. Twiddle with the knobs….nothing! What the #@* happened here! Well, once I got to the cruise and found a place to pull over and hang for a bit I decided to investigate. So I rummage around under the dash where I tagged the power wire and click…. music! Cool! Bad wire hookup. Hop back in cruise a bit, reach for the knob Click….nothing! WTF! I find a landing site and once again rummage around with the power and Click… music.
Sooooo…. this time I get smart and leave it on and slide back into the drivers seat close the door and the radio quits. I open the door to see just what the heck is going on here and the music comes back on!

Well… it turns out that the power bar that I tapped into was for the courtesy lights! Door open…ON! Door closed OFF! So rather than cruise with the door open just to have a radio I left it alone till I can plumb it into a good keyed hot location at a later date. Thinking about it later I did have the door open while I was workin on it! Son of A #####!

Gotta admit I was getting annoyed till I found out what I had done and then really felt like Captain Whizz Bang! Ya never know!


One thought on “Hey! Where’s my music!

  1. Just to update this post. Got the power problem worked out a simple pigtail into the cigar lighter circuit like the original and Voila! It’s alive! New antenna is in place so the project is done. For now at least.


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